Kortik (The DIRK)

Popular scientific collection of articles about naval history.
Chief editor: A.J.Emelin.
Gangut Ltd publishes Collection Kortik since 2003 with the assistance of the Russian state archive of navy fleet.
Periodicity: two releases a year.
Number of pages: 112-124
The basic headings:
The sea family.
The discussion.
The waves of memory.
Our directory
Symbols of honour.
The Collection "Kortik" is addressed to wide range of readers, interested by history of the Russian navy fleet.
Articles, are published in the collection tells about known seamen, and about earlier not so known seamen, shipbuilders and other persons who have entered significant pages in history of Russian navy fleet. The collection is illustrated by numerous photos. Authors of the collection are professional historians, military seamen, shipbuilders.
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