About us

Publishing house "Gangut" was founded in 1991 by professional naval historians.

The purpose of "Gangut" is popularization history of navy, of shipbuilding development, elucidation of the heroic pages of the Russian navy and fleets of other countries, stories about outstanding seamen, shipbuilders and the ships. "Gangut" successfully works today.

"Gangut" entered into holding together with printing-house" A-print ". The publishing house produces a series of books, collections, almanacs and monographies on navy history theme.

Besides, the company renders publishing and typographical services.

Our company is a team of the professionals carried away by the business. We hope that cooperation with us will be pleasant and fruitful for you.

+7 812 336 50 24
E-mail: gangutprint@yandex.ru
Post address: 191024, post box 71, St.-Petersburg, Russia

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